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Brandy bartlett

This is me

My name is brandy bartlett and I am a warehouse worker. I am also a mom of 3 boys and a wife of a truck driver. My life isn't always interesting but it's just me. Plus I love to game. There will be some posts about that too!

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Day 1

As they say be positive. Well I was positive I was going to have new bruises once my day was over with. It started out great, was on my line packing small box all lost in my own little world. Then 1 and a half hours into my shift bam!, my boss says hey go run tps1. Okay I said reluctantly. I knew by the time my shift was up I'd be hurting. Tps1 is a truck line and to wrap a pallet I have to bend to my toes. I'm 6'. So it hurts after awhile. Plus I have to bend from a post that is at my waist level. That makes it 10 times worse. So today when I got home my entire uper thighs are covered in black and blue bruise. Oh the joys.
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